V-EUPNEA: Living, Breathing Virtual Worlds

Research / V-EUPNEA: Living, Breathing Virtual Worlds
The research focus of the V-EUPNEA MRG (from the Greek word “εύπνοια” which means to breath easily) is to simulate and analyze life in virtual worlds such as digital twins of existing urban spaces.
Research wise, we aim to create new realistic behavior models of humans, crowds and traffic, analyze behavior, efficiently author, simulate and visualize populated environments. Besides the interactions of humans and crowds, we are interested in examining the interactions and relationships between humans, human-driven transportation, autonomous vehicles and their environments. Being able to simulate and visualize the past, present and future conditions of dynamic environments can be a valuable tool in designing and modifying real world environments, in building more realistic virtual representations and being able to understand the effects of the environment on people. We believe that this work has the potential to influence both academia and industry in areas such as safety, urban studies, entertainment (e.g., movies, games), autonomous driving, cultural heritage, augmented reality and sports.
Research topics that interest the V-EUPNEA MRG include:
  1. Artist/user friendly methods to populate virtual environments
  2. Story based authoring of animated scenes (text-to-animation)
  3. Data-driven traffic simulation and animation
  4. Modelling the interactions of pedestrians and vehicles
  5. Artificial Intelligence for Computer Animation
  6. Procedural and/or data-driven generation of virtual humans
  7. Efficient and realistic animation of large-scale (city level) crowds and traffic
  8. Collection, analysis and curation of heterogeneous data related to crowds and traffic in urban spaces.


MRG leader:
Dr. Panayiotis Charalambous

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