DARE: Digitally Enhanced Urban Environment

Research / DARE: Digitally Enhanced Urban Environment
Research focus:
The Digitally Enhanced Urban Environment (DARE) Multidisciplinary Research Group aims at integrating available data from both the offline and online world in order to make them and the insights they offer available towards the enhancement of everyday life. The main path of research focuses on the integration of city (IoT) and human data (Web) with the goal of providing enhanced insights for both citizens and city stakeholders. The group focuses on the collection, integration and analysis of multi-source data that will allow for real-world solutions. Further research explores how the networks we participate (knowingly and unknowingly) evolve and how they affect our everyday activities. Multidisciplinarity is embedded in the group’s formation and it will allow the cooperation with all other RISE research groups.
DARE MRG is responsible for implementing the first RISE flagship project, named iNicosia. The project aims at creating a Digital Twin of the Nicosia by integrating available data into a 3D model and visualizing the real-time and future conditions of the city, simulating solutions to optimize planning activities and proving the best solution in case of emergency scenarios.
To fulfil its vision, the DARE MRG, uses methods from data science, data analytics, machine learning, deep learning, data management, data visualization, computational social science, social network analytics, cloud computing and systems integration. All these come together through applied research on the available systems and data with the aim transferring it to the market.

MRG leader: Dr. Demetris Antoniades


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