What are investors looking for?

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16 July. 2020, 14:10, Online Webinar

What are investors looking for?

Online Webinar, 14:00 – 15:30, Thursday 16th July‚Äč
RISE is organizing an entrepreneurship training analyzing what investors are looking for and why so many startups fail. Philip Ammerman will share his experiences from developing his own company and acting as an investment advisor to multiple projects. The key questions of his presentation will be:

• What motivates an angel investor to invest in start-ups?
• What are the key components that investors are looking for?
• What start-up founders should be prepared for in pitching, contracting, and operating?
Invitation_What-investors-are-looking-for_Philip-Ammerman_external.jpg Philip Ammerman is a company founder, entrepreneur and investment advisor. He works with investors, founders and other clients in due diligence, business valuation, financial modelling, business development and investment management. He has advised “real economy” investments, on over 120 investment transactions with a total investment value exceeding € 6.0 billion. He has extensive experience in the tech sector, advising buy-side investors (VCs, PE firms, family offices, business angels) on due diligence and investment decisions. He also supports founders in areas such as business planning, valuation and fundraising.


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If you have any further questions about the event, please email George Dimitriou, Education and Training Manager, at g.dimitriou@rise.org.cy

Watch the webinar here

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