Vassilis Vassiliades

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Vassilis Vassiliades leads the “Learning Agents and Robots” (LEAR) multidisciplinary research group at RISE. He received a MSc in Intelligent Systems Engineering from the University of Birmingham, U.K. (2008), and a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Cyprus (2015). He held post-doctoral and research engineer positions at Inria Nancy, France (2015-2018), and research associate positions at the University of Cyprus (2015-2019) and RISE (2019) before forming the LEAR group.

Vassilis has won scholarships for his studies (from the EPSRC and the University of Cyprus, respectively) and has co-authored a successful grant proposal on the topic of his PhD (value: 88K euros). His research interests lie in the area of bio-inspired artificial intelligence, focusing on reinforcement learning, neural networks (deep learning), and evolutionary computation. He has published in major journals and conferences on topics related to multiagent learning, adaptive neural networks, robot learning, evolutionary algorithms, and machine learning applications.

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