Increase the social engagement of scientists and entrepreneurs

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RISE’s social and economic missions support the centre’s active involvement in the RTDI focused entrepreneurial ecosystem involving not just scientists and engineers, but also students, entrepreneurs, business executives and policy makers. RISE scientists and engineers will deliver “outreach activities” that
  • inspire the public to the opportunities offered by science, technology and entrepreneurship,
  • Encourage technology-led innovation (through supporting workshops, competitions, school visits),
  • deliver Knowledge Exchange supporting businesses to increase their research and innovation activities and successes
RISE, in Nicosia’s historical centre, with permanent showcases and technology exhibitions will be accessible to the general public maximising its social engagement. Outreach activities targeted towards the Turkish-Cypriot community, and in particular Turkish-Cypriot scientists, start-ups, young, creative or other innovative entrepreneurs, are integral to this objective and in congruence with the overall mission of RISE.

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