The Economic Goal of RISE

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The economic goal of RISE is to support innovation and economic growth in Cyprus. One of RISE’s primary goals is to invest capabilities that improve the RTDI landscape in Cyprus and the surrounding region, facilitating an as-of-yet largely untapped route for stimulating economic growth. Building on the strong foundation of best practices of its Advanced Partners, and re-purposing these practices to the realities of Cyprus to support the development of a business and innovation cluster in the centre of Nicosia, RISE seeks to achieve the following objectives:

Bridge the gap between research and industry

Academia and industry in Cyprus have had little interaction. RISE’s targeted RTDI services will...

Train and support local entrepreneurship

Towards furthering the innovation landscape in Cyprus, RISE will directly offer training...

Increase the research and industrial funding...

Both to support its operational capacity and as part of its goal to promote economic growth in...


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