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The Museum Lab MRG is dedicated to the interdisciplinary exploration of interactive technologies and smart environment solutions inside and outside museums and other heritage sites.
This MRG focuses on the needs of museum professionals and tests user experiences. We do not assume that technology is always the solution or that its use is unproblematic. We focus on technological solutions to real problems museums face today. Furthermore, where possible, we use technology which is participatory is nature.

MRG leader:
Dr. Theopisti Stylianou-Lambert

Research Associates:
Dr. Maria Shehade
Dr. Antigone Heraclidou


The Future of Technologies in Museums

The aim of this project is to further develop the uses of emerging technologies and explore their full potential in museum environments. We follow a user-centered approach that takes into consideration the actual needs of museum professionals and museum visitors. We are investigating the uses of existing technologies in museums so as to explore technology-related problems and frustrations museum professionals face today. We are also experimenting with different technologies such as augmented/...

The Ledra Palace Project: Dealing with Difficult Heritage

The Ledra Palace project deals with the representation of difficult history in museums and investigates ways in which technology can help to overcome any obstacles this entails.


Museum Media(ting): Emerging Technologies and Difficult Heritage

This edited volume with the working title “Museum Media(ting): Emerging Technologies and Difficult Heritage” examines theoretical approaches and case studies that demonstrate how emerging technologies can display, reveal and negotiate difficult, dissonant, negative or undesirable heritage.

Let Technology Rise You Up - Open competition for Museums and Cultural sites

RISE, a Research Centre in Cyprus focusing on Interactive media, Smart systems and Emerging technologies announces an open competition for all Cyprus museums and cultural sites interested in incorporating interactive media and emerging technologies in their premises to enhance the visibility of their collections and make visitors’ experience more interactive, educational and enjoyable. The winning proposal will be funded by RISE.

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