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Research focus on multimodal interaction and learning, emerging technologies for learning and entertainment/ edutainment, learning theory.

The interactive media and edutainment MRG (EdMedia-MRG) will focus on research and innovation related to Interactive Media, Smart Systems and Emerging Technologies as applied to the domains of Education and Edutainment (media designed to educate through entertainment). EdMedia-MRG will be supporting research and development that is of importance to all other MRGs of RISE: technology-enhanced learning design, training activities, technology integration in formal and non-formal learning settings (for example museums, cultural and historical sites of environmental interest and others).

EdMedia-MRG Motivation: Interactive media like ubiquitous and mobile computing, virtual, augmented and mixed reality, interactive surfaces and spaces, robotics, IoT tools, and serious games promise unique teaching and learning affordances. They can be used to develop engaging, affordable and enjoyable educational learning experiences in formal and non-formal learning settings, tearing down time, space, social and economic barriers. EdMedia-MRG will focus on the design of interactive media and their integration and use by children, adolescents and adults, in varied educational circumstances and contexts.

Potential lines for research work within EdMedia-MRG:
  • Empirical research on the integration of interactive media for learning in formal or non-formal settings
  • Use cases of interactive systems, applications or prototypes providing learning through play and edutainment experiences
  • Development of theoretical models and design frameworks for the integration of interactive media in formal and non-formal learning settings
  • New methods for engaging and enjoyable teaching and learning using interactive media
  • Training activities for teachers and students on novel interactive media for learning and edutainment

EdMedia-MRG aims collaborations with the Cyprus Pedagogical Institute (CPI) and the Ministry of Education and Culture (MOEC), who have provided a letter of commitment for RISE on the basis that the technologies RISE will be researching and developing will have a significant contribution in the field of Education. The possibilities for synergies envisioned include outreach and dissemination activities, training activities, research activities and grant-writing on topics of common interest between RISE and MOEC.

Potential technologies to be addressed within EdMedia-MRG:
  • Ubiquitous and mobile computing
  • Multi-device and immersive environments (e.g., virtual worlds and blended media-scapes)
  • Serious games
  • Virtual labs and simulations
  • Interactive surfaces and spaces
  • Robotics and IoT tools
  • Social software (blogs, email, instant messaging, social network services, wikis, social bookmarking)

Potential approaches to be addressed in EdMedia-MRG:
  • Social computing/Social learning
  • Co-design techniques and approaches to deal with new educational needs
  • Personalised and adaptive technologies for learning
  • Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning (CSCL)
  • Embodied cognition/learning
  • Gamification and edutainment
  • Smart city learning Technologies or techniques/methods to address specific audiences (such as special education students, under-represented or multicultural audiences and others).

Education is often falling behind with respect to technological innovations. EdMedia-MRG work will gradually share experiences in designing and integrating interactive technologies in varied educational settings. This goal will be addressed through innovation-driven projects aiming to provide a more comprehensive understanding of the potential benefits of the use of Interactive Media, Smart Systems and Emerging Technologies for learning.

MRG leader:
Dr. Andri Ioannou

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