Reconstruction of everyday life in the 19th century Nicosia

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The aim of the proposed study was to present a unique insight to the everyday life of the city of Nicosia; the study concerned both the socio-economic identity of its people and the spatial organization of its buildings within the walls of the city during the turn of the 19th century. The core of the information will be drawn from the archives of the Land Registry Department in Nicosia and the first ever land survey conducted in the city and headed by Lord Kitchener in the 1880’s. These documents in their whole had not been researched or published before and are now in neglect.

The interest the city of Nicosia bears, spurs from the fact that in its locality a population of Muslims coexisted with the Christian-Orthodox population as well as with other minorities, in an interesting intertwine of culture and religion located in the dense built environment within the city walls. Through the information provided by the title deeds we will be able to present a unique insight to the multicultural community of people inhabiting the walled city of Nicosia; the they settled in the locality of the different mahallas/neighborhoods forming a close-knit community, their names, occupations, family ties and everyday activities.

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