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21 May. 2020, 13:31, Julia House, Ground Floor, 3 Themistokli Dervi Street, Nicosia

Academia to industry


Why Go Global in ed tech?  Bootstrapped startup’s smooth landing in foreign soil.


Kinems is a breakthrough movement-based interactive learning gaming platform with learning and kinetic analytics that transforms special education and pre-referral interventions by bringing movement therapies, academic learning, precise individualization and progress tracking together in one seamless and engaging solution. Kinems is the only commercial-grade solution that marries research-based occupational therapy protocols with standards-based academic learning in one seamless suite of activities designed specifically for use at scale in in special education and typical school settings. Kinems Inc. currently serves 12 districts in 7 states in the US and has customers in Greece, Cyprus and Saudi Arabia. The original place of development of the first prototype was at the Kinems branch office in Athens, Greece. Since then, research and development for the company is being done by the Kinems headquarters in NYC, USA as well as at its Greek branch office.

Professor Simos Retalis, co-founder of Kinems, will share his experiences from Kinems initial steps, its development and its expansion to the US market. The key questions of the presentation will be: Why should a startup go global instead of staying local? How can a startup be better prepared or even set to go global? In this presentation, we could tackle the issue of starting a bootstrapped ed tech startup on foreign soil which has its own challenges. We will talk about accelerator programs, seed funding, B2B sales strategies of a bootstrapped ed tech startup, setting up & managing a team in two countries, and so on.



Dr. Symeon Retalis is a Professor of Learning Design Models for Technology-Enhanced Lifelong Learning Environments at the University of Piraeus, Greece. Also, Symeon is co-founder and chief scientific officer at Kinems Inc,. Symeon has been actively engaged in research, development and innovation in the field of Learning Technologies for the past 20 years. Having years of experience from the academia and educational technology industry worldwide, he is focused on consistent quality work and a desire to find effective and efficient creative and innovative solutions to given problems and challenges.

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