The culmination of years of research and innovation achievements of RISE's five academic partners (UCL, MPI, UCY, CUT and OUC) is the seed for RISE to achieve internationally recognized scientific excellence, and maximize its economic and societal impact.

UCL and MPI have been two of the most prominent organizations leading science internationally, while the three Cypriot public universities have been the forerunners of most of the scientific and technical achievements in the Republic of Cyprus.

Collectively, hundreds of research projects have been completed by the RISE founding institutions. We are proud to present you some of these projects here. We invite you to envisage the possibilities opening for the Cypriot academia, businesses and society and sharing with us the drive to join forces and make the RISE Research Centre reality.

Solar Energy Tranfer Simulation

A significant fraction of the total energy expenditure of a building comes from aspects of a building’s design that c...

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Virtual Characters for the Social Sciences

Many applications of Virtual Reality in Psychology and other social sciences require virtual environments that are po...

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Exploration of Remote Museum Sections

Exploration of Remote Museum Sections Archaeological artifacts that belong to the same thematic collection or period ...

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Foldio: Digital Fabrication of Interactive and Shape-Changing Objects With Fo...

Foldios are foldable interactive objects with embedded input sensing and output capabilities. Foldios combine the adv...

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PrintScreen: Digital Fabrication of Thin-Film Displays

PrintScreen is an enabling technology for digital fabrication of customized flexible displays using thin-film electro...

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VR Driving Simulator

An interactive 3D driving simulator integrated with a VR setup. The simulator aims to study parameters that affect r...

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Visual Dance Performance for Interactive Characters

The main scientific objective of this innovative project is to combine techniques for motion synthesis and human mode...

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iCOP: Inducing Conditional Preferences

As smart devices are becoming an integral part of our everyday interaction with our surroundings, it is becoming impo...

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Aliens VS Humans

An immersive first-person 3D computer game was designed and developed to investigate if the visual characteristics of...

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Reconstruction of everyday life in the 19th century Nicosia

The aim of the proposed study was to present a unique insight to the everyday life of the city of Nicosia; the study ...

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IF: Introspective Forecasting

With the deployment of interactive media at the interface between users and machines, and the massive amounts of avai...

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RESTORE: Computer-Based Restoration of Faces Appearing in Icons

Development of (a) automated methods that can be used for virtual restoration of damaged faces appearing in Byzantine...

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Cyprus Food and Nutrition Virtual Museum

The Cyprus Food and Nutrition Virtual Museum has been created to record, preserve and disseminate the cultural herita...

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ABC: Ant-Based Computing

As computing-enabled devices are becoming a standard educational tool even at the elementary level of education, it i...

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The History of Commandaria : Digital Journeys Through Time

The projects aims included the (a) Collection of multi-modal information regarding the traditional wine of Commandari...

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FLASH: Fast and Loose Arguments for Scene enHancement

With the unparalleled processing capabilities of modern computing machinery, and the massive amounts of data on which...

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EUROPEAN COMMISSION-Horizon 2020 - Research and Innovation Framework Programme

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 664584.