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DeepCamera MRG Leader

Dr. Artusi holds a Ph.D. degree from the Vienna University of Technology, in Computer Graphics, and a MSc. degree in Computer Science from the University of Milano (Italy).
He is a member of the IST/037 coding of picture, audio, multimedia and hypermedia information, of the British Standard Institute (BSI), and is acting as UK representative in the ISO/IEC/SC29/WG1/JPEG and ISO/IEC/SC29/WG11/MPEG standardization committee's.
He is one of the editors of the ISO/IEC/18477-JPEG-XT standard, and he has acted as co-chair of the JPEG-XT AhG, and chair of the AhG on verification of the JPEG-XT Part7. For these activities he has been recognized with the prestigious BSI Emerging Standards Maker Award.

He has recently received multiple Associate Professor habilitations from various national agencies, and he is regularly acting as IPC member and reviewer for major international conferences and journals, and he is the Associate editor of three peer-review international journals.

He is the co-author of the CRC Press reference book on High Dynamic Range Technology ‘Advanced High Dynamic Range Technology: Theory and Practice’ 1st and 2nd edition and the author of CRC Press book ‘Image Content Retargeting: Maintaining Tone, Color and Spatial Consistency’

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