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Spyros has over 16 years of senior executive experience with leadership positions on two continents and across a wide range of units in the ICT industry, including fixed and mobile networks, operations and business support systems, TV and Media, e-Commerce, data analytics and cloud.

Spyros is known for creating and leading high performing organizations in dynamic and challenging markets. Has been leading companies and organizations in two periods, under development and transformation. Spyros began his career in 1992 in the oil industry working at LPC SA and in 1995 he joined Ericsson Hellas S.A. In 2000 he was appointed as Chief Financial Officer for South East Europe and in 2006 he was appointed as president and Chief Executive Officer for South East Mediterranean. In 2012 he was appointed VP in Sales and Business Development for the Mediterranean Region. He has focused on delivering top performing broadband networks, developed 14 smart cities in Greece, worked on an end to end proposal for the energy smart grid in Greece and drove major digital and network transformation projects in Europe and Africa.

As CEO of RISE Spyros is responsible for delivering the organization’s long-term economic, social and reputational objectives together with meeting annual business plan goals, to develop RISE as a recognized RTDI center of excellence.

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